Biosis Healing The Medical Surgical Mask complies with CE & ISO. Particle filtration and bacterial filtration both meet relevant standards:

Intended usage
These face masks, designed for medical personnel to wear over the face, prevent dandruff and respiratory microbes from spreading to open surgical wounds and stop the body fluids of patients from spreading to medical personnel thus to play a taro-way biological protection role.

Structure and components
The Medical Surgical Mask is composed of ear loops, nose clip and tie-band, made of non-woven fiber fabric. Plays the role of isolation and protection through filtration, the fixed nose clip enhance the protection of the mouth and nose. The ear-loops medical surgical mask is more convenient to wear and remove.

Medical Surgical Mask (20 pack): EN14683

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  • Tie-bands with sufficient strength to fix the mask, The breaking strength of the connection point between each tie-band and the mask is not less than 10N;

    The PFE ( particle filtration efficiency ) is no less than the BEE ( Bacterial filtration efficiency) is no less than 95%;

    Pressure difference between the two sides of the mask for air exchange AP<49 Pa;

    Synthetic blood was sprayed on the mask sample at a pressure of 120mmHg. and there was no penertration through the mask;

    Ethylene oxide residual does not exceed 10ug/g

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