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Looking for a trusted supplier of medical-standard PPE? We provide high-grade PPE products that are fully compliant with EU regulation. Protect your employees with FFP2 respirator masks, surgical masks, medical goggles, disposable aprons, isolation gowns, gloves, hand sanitisers and more.

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Why Choose Us?

We thoroughly research the PPE products we supply to ensure they meet strict quality standards, as well as having all of the certification required for use in the EU. Providing PPE for your workforce carries great responsibility and the trust of your employees. While there are many PPE products available online, and at varying price points, only quality, medically-certified PPE is appropriate in Covid-19 risk management. Chire PPE gives you the peace of mind that you are adequately protecting your workforce from coronavirus, whilst also offering you a ready supply and quick delivery time so you don't have to worry about running out of PPE. 

Fully Certified

Fully compliant with EU standards including CE & ISO. 

Quality Products

Unlike other suppliers, our products are of the highest quality to protect your staff.


Our Dublin warehouse holds a large volume of medical PPE, replenished with our regular supply chain of PPE.

Bulk Ordering

We can service high-volume bulk orders on a contractual basis. Contact us for a bulk PPE order quote. 


We offer a complete range of certified PPE products to protect individuals from spreading and contracting coronavirus in medical environments and regular workplaces. You can order online right now or contact us directly for high volume bulk PPE procurement. 

Medical Surgical

Face Mask: EN 14683

from €0.65 each ex vat

Fully certified and complies with CE & ISO

from €1.65 each ex vat

Fully certified and complies with CE & ISO

FFP2 Respirator

Mask: EN 149

€49.50 ex vat

Fully certified and complies with CE & ISO



Medical Goggles

€7.97 ex vat

Fully certified and complies with CE & ISO



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Fully certified and complies with CE & ISO


Five Litre Gel Hand Sanitiser

€42.50 ex vat

Fully certified and complies with CE & ISO

Employee PPE Pack

€19.95 ex vat

Fully certified and complies with CE & ISO


Employee PPE Pack

Want to promote a responsible workplace during Covid-19? Social distancing is critical for this. But there will also be times where contact is unavoidable or attitudes to social distancing begin to waver. Equipping each employee with their own PPE pack will mitigate against the risk of a Covid-19 outbreak in your workplace and empower each member of staff to take responsibility for their own health and safety and that of the wider team. 


Each Employee PPE Pack includes:

20 FFP2 FaceMasks

1 XML Bottle of hand sanitiser

Delivered monthly


Show employees that you care about the health and safety of every single employee and are committed to keeping their workplace safe from Covid-19. 

Who we supply

Health and safety have always been an important consideration for employers. Now, however, you have the additional responsibility of protecting people from the spread of coronavirus and mitigating the risk of a Covid-19 outbreak in your workplace. Whether you are in the healthcare sector, construction, retail or manage offices looking to get back to business as Ireland comes out of coronavirus lockdown, your primary objective will be to establish and maintain Covid-19 free environments.  Safeguard your employees, patients, visitors, and customers from the spread of coronavirus with quality PPE solutions and a guaranteed in-stock PPE  supply.  

PPE for Healthcare

Protect your staff and patients from contracting Covid-19 with medical-grade PPE solutions including FFP2 respirator face masks, medical goggles, disposable isolation gowns, aprons, and gloves. 

PPE for Business & Retail

Promote a safe workplace as you get back to business by providing your employees with top quality, certified PPE - FFP2 Masks Offer more protection for Close Contact and Travel


PPE for Construction

Protect your construction workers on-site with our range of high-quality PPE masks. Our FFP2 face mask not only protects against the spread of coronavirus, but also filters dust.  

Need large supplies of certified PPE?

Are you a large health care provider or organisation in need of high volumes of certified PPE? Contact us today and we can provide you with a custom quote.

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